Sentence Examples with the word Dis

Goethe's grandsons have been so repeatedly accused of having dis p layed a dog-in-the-manger temper in closing the Goethehaus to the public and the Goethe archives to research, that the charge has almost universally come to be regarded as proven.

In front, near the anterior attachment of the gill-plume, is the osphradium (olfactory organ) dis h covered by J.

At Rome Proserpine was associated with Ceres (the Roman representative of Demeter) in the festival of the Cerealia (April 12 to 19), she was represented as the wife of Dis Pater (the Roman Pluto), and was sometimes identified with the native Latin goddess Libera.

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Gebhard, Pankultus (Brunswick, 1872); P. Wetzel, De Jove et Pane dis arcadiens (Breslau, 1873); W.

In 1531 he became g pP archbishop of York, but he came under suspicion ae one who dis Grant's three he was compelled to break out of his Petersburg liked the king's new position as head of the English Church.

It is diminishing in Thessaly; it has entirely dis appeared in the rest of Greece, almost entirely in Servia; and it continues to decrease in Bulgaria notwithstanding the efforts of the authorities to check emigration.

II), the cult of Dis Soranus by the Hirpi or fire-leaping priests on Mount Soracte (Pliny, Nat.

The dim - inished stream of sugar con - tinues to flow till the 4-lb weight in the weights-pan is lifted (the end of the upper beam being for the time brought up against the frame and unable to descend further), and in lifting it dis --------------------- From the Notice issued by the Standards Department of the Board of Trade, by permission of the Controller of H.

The later explanation that Summanus is a contraction from Summus Manium (the greatest of the Manes), and that he is to be identified with Dis Pater, is now generally rejected.

Although the family has such a wide dis tribution, the greater number of the species are restricted to Europe, northern and central Asia and North America; South America having very few.