Sentence Examples with the word Cited

The chief town of the province, 's Hertogenbosch, may be cited as an interesting historical example.

She powered it up and began comparing her notes with the cases cited in the article.

But the great diversity of these abnormal cases as shown in the examples cited above suggests the use of great caution in formulating definite morphological theories upon them.

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Compare also the material cited in the footnotes above, and note the correspondence between Briinnow and Halevy in the Revue semitique (1906).

Quotation; the few words just cited are enough to assure to their author the credit of being (so far as is known) the first ornithological specialist who had the courage publicly to recognize and receive the new and at that time unpopular philosophy.

His checking account was cited as further evidence of self employment.

From the axiom which has just been cited it follows that this connexion can be due only to community of source, and we thus arrive at the idea of families of MSS.

The report also cited a mid-1950s report that found 85 percent of economic growth was attributed to technological change in the period 1890 to 1950.

Ellis, The Tshi-speaking Peoples of the Gold Coast (1887), cited in A.

At the 25th sitting Episcopius and the others cited appeared, when Episcopius surprised the deputies by a bold and outspoken defence of his views, and even went so far as to say that the synod, by excluding the Arminian deputies, could now only be regarded as a schismatic assembly.