Sentence Examples with the word Archer

Yeats in Poets of the Younger Generation by William Archer (1902), and for bibliography up to June 1903, English Illustrated Magazine, vol.

The more recent history of Ecuador would not be complete without a reference to the work of Mr Archer Harman (b.

For the history of the Cumberland Road, see Archer B.

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The town of Sharpsburg represents the fingers of the archer drawing the bow.

Alp Arslan, the most skilful archer of his day, motioned to his guards not to interfere and drew his bow, but his foot slipped, the arrow glanced aside and he received the assassin's dagger in his breast.

Angelica Kauffmann worked long in Ireland; James Barry and Sir Martin Archer Shee were of Irish birth; and on the whole, considering the small number of educated inhabitants, it must be admitted that the Ireland of Flood and Grattan was intellectually fertile.

Consult Thomas Speed, The Wilderness Road (Louisville, Ky., 1886), and Archer B.

Of the National Museum and the American Museum; Archer Butler Hulbert, Historic Highways of America, 16 vols.

In the Dietrich cycle it descended to Egill was compelled to prove his skill as an archer by shooting an apple off the head of his three-year-old son; he is thus th of William Tell.

He had early shown an inclination for antiquarian studies, and in 1635, meeting Sir Symon Archer (1581-1662), himself a learned anti quary, who was then employed in collecting materials for a history of Warwickshire, he accompanied him to London.