Sentence Examples with the word 500

Finally, many private charitable corporations (about 500 in 1905) report to the state board of charity, and town and city almshouses (205 in 1904) are subject to visitation.

The coast, which curves to the N.E., is marked by a line of sandhills covered with thick bush and rising in places to a height of 500 ft.

The cortes fixed the number of conscripts to be enrolled in each year: in 1905, 15,000 men for the army, moo for the navy, 500 for the municipal guards and 400 for the fiscal guards.

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The Society for the Improvement of the Poor, constructed and opened (1921) the Wayfaring hotel to accommodate 500 men.

Above sea-level, the general flatness being only broken by a small chain of hills, running in a north-westerly direction between Amraoti and Chandor, with an average height from 400 to 500 ft.

In the connexion between the first and the second box the gas is found to contain 500 grains of sulphuretted hydrogen and 80 grains of carbon disulphide per Ioo cub.

About 500 species of food fishes have been found, and common among them are the bangos or milkfish, the banak or mullet, mackerel, herring, anchovies, groupers, snappers, pompano, tarpon and bonito.

From the seeds of the selected plant of the ist year about 500 plants can be raised in the next year.

Guicciardini, the Venetian envoy, describes the activity of the port, into which 500 ships sometimes passed in a day, and as evidence of the extent of its land trade he mentioned that 2000 carts entered the city each week.

In the extreme north a little over a degree and a half of territory lies within the torrid zone, extending from the Pilcomayo about 500 m.