What does zeitgeist mean?

zeitgeist meaning in General Dictionary

the spirit of that time; the nature attribute of an age or generation

zeitgeist meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1848, from German Zeitgeist (Herder, 1769), "spirit associated with age," literally "time-spirit," from Zeit "time" (see wave (n.)) + Geist "character" (see ghost (n.)). Carlyle has actually it as a German word in "Sartor Resartus" (1840) and translates it as "Time-Spirit."

zeitgeist - German to English

nature associated with the age

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  • nature of the time
  • character associated with times
  • zeitgeist

Sentence Examples with the word zeitgeist

Modern Congregationalism, as highly sensitive to the Zeitgeist and its solvent influence on dogma, shared for a time the critical and negative attitude produced by the first impact of a culture determined by the conception of development as applying to the whole realm of experience.

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