What does worker mean?

worker meaning in General Dictionary

a member of the working-class (definitely not used)

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  • somebody who acts and gets things done
  • somebody who works at a specific career
  • sterile person in a colony of social bugs that forages for meals and cares for the larvae
  • One who or that which works a laborer a performer as a worker in brass
  • person who, or what, works; a laborer; a performer; because, an employee in metal.
  • among the neuter, or sterile, people of the personal ants, bees, and white ants. The workers are generally females having the intimate body organs imperfectly created. See Ant, and white-ant, under White.

worker meaning in Etymology Dictionary

mid-14c., "laborer, toiler, performer, doer," representative noun from work (v.). As a type of bee, 1747. As "one used by a wage," 1848. Old English had wyrcend "worker, laborer."

worker meaning in Business Dictionary

1. somebody who is utilized 2. a person who works hard

worker meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) One that, or what, works; a laborer; a performer; since, an employee in brass.

Sentence Examples with the word worker

As an original worker Kundt was especially successful in the domains of sound and light.

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