What does wohl mean?

wohl - German to English

it would appear that ...

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  • arguably [probably]
  • doubtless [admittedly]
  • possibly
  • perhaps
  • to make sure
  • fine
  • without a doubt
  • clearly
  • (as) likely as maybe not
  • most likely
  • general great
  • basic weal
  • general public great
  • typical good
  • good
  • weal and woe [poet.]
  • weal
  • welfare
  • well-being

Sentence Examples with the word wohl

Thus Wohl prepared l-threose from l-xylose and l-erythrose from l-arabinose, and Ruff obtained d- and l-erythrose from d- and l-arabonic acids, the oxidation products of d- and l-arabinoses.

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