What does wiring mean?

wiring meaning in General Dictionary

a circuit of wires when it comes to distribution of electrical energy

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  • the work of installing the cables for an electrical system or device
  • The act of 1 that cables anything
  • of Wire

wiring meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"wires collectively," 1809, later particularly "electrical wirework" (1887), from current participle of wire (v.).

wiring meaning in Sports Dictionary

takes place when a person cannot use a ball going to any other ball. If the wiring was brought on by an opposing player then the hurt celebration may claim a good start chance. (recreation: Croquet)

wiring meaning in General Dictionary

(p. pr. & vb. n.) of cable

Sentence Examples with the word wiring

The Evershed and Vignoles form of the instrument is much used in testing the insulation resistance of electric wiring in houses.

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