What does wey mean?

wey meaning in Etymology Dictionary

dried out items body weight of fixed amount (but varying eventually and place), Old English weg "scales, stability, fat" (see weigh).

wey meaning in General Dictionary

means roadway path

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  • To weigh
  • a specific measure of body weight
  • Way; roadway; path.
  • To consider.
  • a specific way of measuring weight.

wey meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) means; roadway; path.

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  • (v. t. & i.) To consider.
  • (n.) A particular way of measuring weight.

Sentence Examples with the word wey

Winding in a south-easterly direction, it passes Eton and Windsor (434),(434), Datchet (412), Staines (36), Chertsey (32), Shepperton (30) and Sunbury (262), receiving the Coln from the left at Staines, and the Wey from the right near Shepperton.

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