What does wavelength mean?

wavelength meaning in General Dictionary

a shared direction causing mutual comprehension

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  • the distance (measured toward propagation) between two points in the same stage in successive rounds of a wave

wavelength meaning in Etymology Dictionary

also wave-length, 1850, "distance between peaks of a wave," from wave (n.) + length. Initially of spectra; radio feeling is attested by 1925. Figurative sense of "mental harmony" is recorded from 1927, on example of radio waves.

wavelength meaning in Computer Science Dictionary

A wavelength is the measurement for distance between sequential crests or troughs in a wave sign, as shown when you look at the image.

wavelength meaning in Computer Terms Dictionary

Wavelength is the length between two identical adjacent things in a wave. It is typically measured between two easily recognizable points, such as two adjacent crests or troughs in a waveform. While wavelengths may be determined for most kinds of waves, they've been most accurately calculated in sinusoidal waves, which have a smooth and repetitive oscillation. Wavelength is inversely proportional to frequency. Meaning if two waves are traveling during the exact same rate, the revolution with a greater frequency could have a shorter wavelength. Likewise, if one revolution has an extended wavelength than another revolution, it will likewise have a lesser regularity if both waves tend to be traveling in the same speed. Here formula can help determine wavelength: The lowercase form of the Greek-letter "lambda" (λ) may be the standard representation always express wavelength in physics and mathematics. The page "v" signifies velocity and "ƒ" represents regularity. Since the speed of noise is roughly 343 meters per second at 68° F (20° C), 343 m/s may be substituted for "v" when calculating the wavelength of sound waves. Consequently, only the frequency is necessary to determine the wavelength of a sound revolution at 68° F. The note A4 (the A key above middle C) has actually a frequency of 440 hertz. Therefore, the wavelength of an A4 noise trend at 68° F is 343 m/s / 440 hz, which equals 0.7795 yards, or 77.95 cm. Waves in electromagnetic spectrum, such as for instance radio waves and light waves, have actually a lot reduced wavelengths than sound waves. Therefore, these wavelengths are typically measured in millimeters or nanometers, instead of centimeters or yards.

Sentence Examples with the word wavelength

The problem of syntonic electric wave telegraphy is then to construct a transmitter and a receiver of such kind that the receiver will be affected by the waves emitted by the corresponding or syntonic transmitter, but not by waves of any other wavelength or by irregular electric impulses due to atmospheric electricity.

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