What does unquiet mean?

unquiet meaning in General Dictionary

causing or fraught with or showing anxiety

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  • described as unrest or disorder
  • To disquiet
  • maybe not peaceful restless uneasy agitated interrupted
  • To disquiet.
  • maybe not peaceful; restless; uneasy; agitated; disturbed.

unquiet meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1520s, from un- (1) "not" + peaceful (adj.).

unquiet meaning in General Dictionary

(v. t.) To disquiet.

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  • (a.) Maybe not quiet; restless; uneasy; agitated; disrupted.

Sentence Examples with the word unquiet

Without being intolerant, the Turks were a rougher and ruder race than the Arabs of Egypt whom they displaced; while the wars between the Fatimites of Egypt and the Abbasids of Bagdad, whose cause was represented by the Seljuks, made Syria (one of the natural battle-grounds of history) into a troubled and unquiet region.

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