What does undeviating mean?

undeviating meaning in General Dictionary

utilized of values and maxims; maybe not susceptible to alter; constant

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  • going straight forward from one suggest another without veering or turning apart

undeviating meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1732, from un- (1) "not" + present participle of deviate.

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  • 1732, from un- (1) "not" + present participle of deviate (v.).

Sentence Examples with the word undeviating

Nor, at any time, by night or day could the mariners now step upon the deck, unless Ahab was before them; either standing in his pivot-hole, or exactly pacing the planks between two undeviating limits,--the main-mast and the mizen; or else they saw him standing in the cabin-scuttle,--his living foot advanced upon the deck, as if to step; his hat slouched heavily over his eyes; so that however motionless he stood, however the days and nights were added on, that he had not swung in his hammock; yet hidden beneath that slouching hat, they could never tell unerringly whether, for all this, his eyes were really closed at times; or whether he was still intently scanning them; no matter, though he stood so in the scuttle for a whole hour on the stretch, and the unheeded night-damp gathered in beads of dew upon that stone-carved coat and hat.

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