What does uncommon mean?

uncommon meaning in General Dictionary

marked by an unusual high quality; especially superlative or severe of their sort

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  • maybe not common or ordinarily experienced; abnormally great in quantity or remarkable in character or type
  • maybe not typical uncommon infrequent rare for this reason remarkable strange as an uncommon season an uncommon level of cool or heat unusual nerve
  • perhaps not typical; uncommon; infrequent; uncommon; thus, remarkable; strange; as, an unusual season; an uncommon degree of cool or heat; unusual nerve.

uncommon meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1540s, "perhaps not possessed in accordance," from un- (1) "not" + typical (adj.). Meaning "perhaps not frequently occurring, unusual, uncommon" is taped from 1610s. Related: Uncommonly.

uncommon meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Perhaps not common; strange; infrequent; rare; therefore, remarkable; unusual; as, an uncommon season; an uncommon amount of cold or heat; uncommon nerve.

Sentence Examples with the word uncommon

Not a winter passes without its appearing in some numbers, when its uncommon aspect, its large size, and beautifully pencilled plumage cause it to be regarded as a great prize by the lucky gun-bearer to whom it falls a victim.

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