What does udder mean?

udder meaning in General Dictionary

mammary gland of bovids (cows and sheep and goats)

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  • The glandular organ by which milk is secreted and stored popularly called the bag in cattle and other quadrupeds See Mamma
  • The glandular organ which milk is secreted and kept; -- popularly called the case in cattle along with other quadrupeds. See Mamma.
  • among the tits of a woman.

udder meaning in Etymology Dictionary

Old English udder "milk gland of a cow, goat, etc.," from Proto-Germanic *udr- (cognates: Old Frisian uder, Middle Dutch uyder, Dutch uijer, Old High German utar, German Euter, and, with unexplained change of consonant, Old Norse jugr), from PIE *eue-dh-r "udder" (cognates: Sanskrit udhar, Greek outhar, Latin uber "udder, breast").

udder meaning in Veterinary Dictionary

The organ always create milk in ponies and ruminant animals; can also be known as the animal’s case.

udder meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) One of many tits of a lady.

Sentence Examples with the word udder

A fine brindled cow with a large udder was attached to the cart behind.

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