What does trickle mean?

trickle meaning in General Dictionary

run or flow slowly, as with drops or perhaps in an unsteady stream

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  • flowing in drops; the formation and dropping of drops of fluid
  • To flow in a tiny mild flow to perform in drops
  • The work or state of trickling additionally whatever trickles a little flow drip
  • To flow in a little, gentle flow; to perform in drops.

trickle meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1570s, from trickle (v.).

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  • belated 14c., intransitive, of uncertain origin, possibly a shortened variation of stricklen "to trickle," a frequentative type of striken "to move, move" (see attack (v.)). Transitive good sense from c.1600. Related: Trickled; trickling. Trickle-down as an adjectival phrase in an economic sense first recorded 1944; the image had been used about since Teddy Roosevelt.

trickle meaning in General Dictionary

(v. t.) To move in a tiny, mild flow; to perform in drops.

Sentence Examples with the word trickle

She was meant to be his, this he didn't doubt, though he couldn't stop the trickle of unease that warned him she may not be able to adjust to their world as easily as he wished.

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