What does travesty mean?

travesty meaning in General Dictionary

make a travesty of

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  • a comedy described as broad satire and improbable circumstances
  • a composition that imitates or misrepresents somebody's design, frequently in a humorous means
  • concealed by gown to be able to be absurd travestied placed on a novel or smaller structure
  • A burlesque translation or imitation of a work
  • To convert imitate or represent so as to render absurd or ludicrous
  • Disguised by gown in order to be absurd; travestied; -- applied to a novel or faster structure.
  • A burlesque translation or replica of a work.
  • To translate, imitate, or represent, in order to make absurd or ludicrous.

travesty meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1670s, "literary burlesque of a serious work," from adjective definition "dressed in order to be produced absurd, parodied, burlesqued" (1660s), from French travesti "dressed in disguise," past participle of travestir "to disguise" (1590s), from Italian travestire "to disguise," from Latin trans- "over" (see trans-) + vestire "to clothe" (see use (v.)).

travesty meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) concealed by gown to be able to be absurd; travestied; -- placed on a book or faster composition.

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  • (letter.) A burlesque translation or replica of a-work.
  • (v. t.) To convert, imitate, or represent, to be able to render absurd or ludicrous.

Sentence Examples with the word travesty

In associating St Pelagia with St Marina, St Margaret, and others, of whom either the name or the legend recalls Pelagia, Hermann Usener has endeavoured to show by a series of subtle deductions that this saint is only a Christian travesty of Aphrodite.

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