What does tragus mean?

tragus meaning in General Dictionary

a small cartilaginous flap as you're watching exterior orifice of the ear

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  • The importance as you're watching external opening for the ear See Illust under Ear
  • The importance in front of the additional orifice regarding the ear. See Illust. under Ear.

tragus meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"eminence at opening of the ear," 1690s, contemporary Latin, from Greek tragos inside sense (Rufus of Ephesus), correctly "he-goat;" so named for tuft of hair which grows here, which resembles a goat's beard.

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Sentence Examples with the word tragus

The earliest known descriptions of the foxglove are those given by Leonhard Fuchs and Tragus about the middle of the 16th century, but its virtues were doubtless known to herbalists at a much remoter period.

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