What does tortilla mean?

tortilla meaning in General Dictionary

slim unleavened pancake created from cornmeal or wheat flour

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  • An unleavened dessert since maize flour baked on a heated metal or rock
  • An unleavened dessert, since maize flour, baked on a heated iron or rock.

tortilla meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1690s, from American Spanish tortilla, from Spanish, "a tart," virtually "somewhat dessert," diminutive of torta "dessert," from belated Latin torta "flat cake" (see torte).

tortilla meaning in Cooking Dictionary

[Latin American] a very slim Mexican bread made of corn or grain flour. These are generally served both smooth and deep-fried. A round, level unleavened loaves of bread created from a dough of wheat flour or corn flour; the basic of Latin American cookery.

tortilla - Spanish to English

omelette [Br.]

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  • omelet [Am.]

tortilla - German to English


tortilla meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) An unleavened dessert, as of maize flour, baked on a heated iron or rock.

Sentence Examples with the word tortilla

It was some sort of sugared tortilla that fogged the kitchen in a delicious, sweet aroma.

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