What does thud mean?

thud meaning in General Dictionary

make a noise typical of an engine lacking lubricants

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  • strike with a dull noise
  • make a dull sound
  • a heavy dull noise (as created by effect of hefty things)
  • A dull sound without resonance that way from striking with or hitting against some comparatively smooth substance also the stroke or blow creating such sound given that thrud of a cannon basketball striking the planet earth
  • to produce or strike to be able to make a lifeless noise or thud
  • A dull sound without resonance, like this created by striking with, or striking against, some relatively soft substance; additionally, the stroke or blow making such noise; since, the thrud of a cannon-ball hitting our planet.

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Old English

thud meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) A dull sound without resonance, like that made by striking with, or hitting against, some relatively soft material; additionally, the swing or blow creating such sound; as, the thrud of a cannon ball hitting the earth.

Sentence Examples with the word thud

He tossed it on the table with a thud then set the compass on top.

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