What does thanksgiving mean?

thanksgiving meaning in General Dictionary

fourth Thursday in November in the us; 2nd Monday in October in Canada; commemorates a feast held in 1621 by the Pilgrims and Wampanoag

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  • a brief prayer of thanks before a meal
  • The work of rending thanks or revealing appreciation for favors or mercies
  • The act of rending many thanks, or articulating gratitude for favors or mercies.
  • A public acknowledgment or special event of divine goodness; also, daily put apart for religious services, particularly to acknowledge the goodness of God, either in any remarkable deliverance from calamities or danger, or perhaps in the normal dispensation of their bounties.

thanksgiving meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1530s, "the providing of many thanks," from many thanks (n.) + current participle of give (v.). Inside specific sense of "public occasion acknowledging divine favors" thanksgiving dates from 1630s (the very first one in The united states occured October 1621 by Plymouth Colony Pilgrims in admiration of the help of members of the Massasoit tribe and party of first collect); though Thanksgiving Day is not attested until 1670s.

thanksgiving meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) The act of rending many thanks, or articulating appreciation for favors or mercies.

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  • (n.) A public acknowledgment or gathering of divine goodness; in addition, a day put apart for spiritual services, specially to recognize the goodness of Jesus, in a choice of any remarkable deliverance from disasters or risk, or perhaps in the standard dispensation of his bounties.

Sentence Examples with the word thanksgiving

They talked about visiting him Thanksgiving or Christmas but made no concrete plans.

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