What does tensor mean?

tensor meaning in General Dictionary

a generalization regarding the idea of a vector

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  • any one of several muscles that can cause an affixed structure to be tense or firm
  • a muscle mass that extends a component or renders it anxious
  • A muscle that stretches part, or renders it tight.
  • The proportion of 1 vector to another in length, no regard becoming needed to the direction regarding the two vectors; -- so called because considered as a stretching element in switching one vector into another. See Versor.

tensor meaning in Etymology Dictionary

muscle tissue that stretches or tightens a component, 1704, Modern Latin representative noun from tens-, previous participle stem of Latin tendere "to stretch" (identify tenet).

tensor - German to English

1st-order tensor

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  • 2nd-order tensor
  • effective mass tensor
  • tensor of first-order
  • zeroth-order tensor
  • tensor
  • tensor of second order
  • tensor muscle tissue

tensor meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) A muscle that stretches part, or renders it tense.

Sentence Examples with the word tensor

The comparative motion of two points at a given instant is capable of being completely expressed by one of Sir William Hamiltons Quaternions,the tensor expressing the velocity ratio, and the versor the directional relation.

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