What does tempter mean?

tempter meaning in General Dictionary

an individual who tempts other people

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  • One who tempts or entices especially Satan or even the Devil considered the great enticer to bad
  • person who tempts or entices; specifically, Satan, or perhaps the Devil, considered the great enticer to wicked.

tempter meaning in Etymology Dictionary

mid-14c., "one just who solicits to sin; whatever entices to bad" (originally especially the devil), from Middle French tempteur (14c.), Old French *tempteor, from Latin temptatorem, agent noun from temptare "to feel, try" (see tempt).

tempter meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) Person who tempts or entices; specially, Satan, or even the Devil, viewed as the truly amazing enticer to bad.

Sentence Examples with the word tempter

At his appearing all nature rejoices (Yasht, 13, 93); he enters into conflict with the demons and rids the earth of their presence (Yasht, 17,19); Satan approaches him as tempter to make him renounce his faith (Vendidad, 19, 6).

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