What does syrup mean?

syrup meaning in General Dictionary

a dense sweet sticky fluid

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  • just like Sirup Sirupy
  • A thick and viscid liquid made from the liquid of fresh fruits, herbs, etc., boiled with sugar.
  • A thick and viscid saccharine answer of superior quality (as sugarhouse sirup or molasses, maple sirup); specifically, in drugstore and frequently in cookery, a concentrated answer of sugar and liquid (simple sirup), or such a solution flavored or medicated.
  • Alt. of Syrupy

syrup meaning in Etymology Dictionary

belated 14c., "dense, sweet fluid," from Old French sirop "sugared beverage" (13c.), as well as perhaps from Italian siroppo, both from Arabic sharab "beverage, wine," actually "something drunk," from verb shariba "he consumed" (compare sherbet). Spanish jarabe, jarope, Old Tested

syrup meaning in Cooking Dictionary

glucose mixed in liquid, generally liquid; it is often flavored with herbs or citrus zest.

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  • Thick, sweet liquid made by boiling sugar with liquid or fresh fruit juices.

Sentence Examples with the word syrup

It's ham with a maple syrup and brown sugar glaze on it.

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