What does swart mean?

swart meaning in General Dictionary

normally having skin of a dark shade

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  • Sward
  • Of a dark hue reasonably black swarthy tawny
  • to create swart or tawny regarding swart a full time income part
  • Sward.
  • Of a dark hue; reasonably black colored; swarthy; tawny.
  • Gloomy; cancerous.
  • To make swart or tawny; as, to swart a living component.

swart meaning in Etymology Dictionary

Old English sweart "black, dark," of evening, clouds, also figurative, "wicked, infamous," from Proto-Germanic *swarta- (cognates: Old Frisian, Old Saxon, and Middle Dutch swart, Dutch zwart, Old Norse svartr, German schwarz, Gothic swarts "dark-colored, black"), from PIE root *swordo- "dirty, dark, black colored" (source of sordid). The real Germanic term, surviving inside Continental languages, displaced in English by black colored. Of pores and skin of persons from belated 14c. Relevant: Swartest.

Sentence Examples with the word swart

A guerrilla war was still carried on by his subjects, but their principal leader, the chief Panglima Polim, was captured in 1907; in1908-1910the condition of Achin under the military rule of General Swart was one of almost unbroken peace, and taxes were regularly paid.

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