What does superstructure mean?

superstructure meaning in General Dictionary

structure composed of the element of a ship above the main deck

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  • Any material structure or edifice built on something else whatever is raised on a foundation or foundation
  • Any product construction or edifice constructed on something else; that which is raised on a basis or foundation
  • all that section of a building above the basement. Additionally made use of figuratively.
  • The sleepers, and fastenings, in difference from the roadbed.

superstructure meaning in Law Dictionary

building that's over the foundation or cellar which sustained by infrastructure which is supported by substructure.

superstructure meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1640s, from super- + framework (n.).

superstructure meaning in Business Dictionary

Construction above the basement or foundation, sustained by an infrastructure which in turn is sustained by the substructure.

Sentence Examples with the word superstructure

Neither a turbulent minority, nor the neglect of an absentee king; neither the revival of separatist tendencies in Lithuania, nor the outbreaks of aristocratic lawlessness in Poland, could do more than shake the superstructure of the imposing edifice.

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