What does superposition mean?

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(geology) the deposition of one geological stratum on another

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  • (geology) the principle that in a number of stratified sedimentary stones the cheapest stratum is the oldest
  • (geometry) the keeping one item ideally when you look at the position of another one out of order to show your two coincide
  • the placement of something along with another
  • The act of superposing or the state to be superposed once the superposition of rocks the superposition of just one airplane figure on another in geometry
  • The work of superposing, or even the state of being superposed; as, the superposition of rocks; the superposition of just one plane figure on another, in geometry.

superposition meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1650s, from French superposition, from Late Latin superpositionem (nominative superpositio) "a placing over," noun of action from past participle stem of superponere "to put over," from awesome (see super-) + ponere "to place, destination" (past participle positus; see place (n.)).

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Sentence Examples with the word superposition

The complexity of the glacial period and its subdivision into several glacial epochs, separated by interglacial epochs of considerable length (certainly longer than the postglacial epoch) has a structural consequence in the superposition of successive till sheets, alternating with non-glacial deposits, and also a physiographic consequence in the very different amount of normal postglacial erosion suffered by the different parts of the glacial deposits.

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