What does suggest mean?

suggest meaning in General Dictionary

call in your thoughts

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  • imply as a chance
  • drop a hint; intimate by a hint
  • make a suggestion, declare a strategy for anything
  • To introduce indirectly toward ideas resulting in to-be looked at frequently by the company of various other items
  • to create recommendations to tempt
  • To present indirectly to your ideas; resulting in become looked at, usually because of the agency of other things.
  • To propose with difference or modesty; to hint; to personal; because, to advise problems.
  • To seduce; to prompt to bad; to lure.
  • To inform privately.
  • to help make recommendations; to lure.

suggest meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1520s, "place before another's head; put forward a proposition," from Latin suggestus, previous participle of suggerere "bring up, bring under, put beneath; furnish, pay for, supply; prompt" (see advice). Meaning "to act to be able to call up the idea of (something different)" is from 1709. Relevant: recommended; suggesting.

Sentence Examples with the word suggest

They have shown that columns of water of very small diameter can so resist tensile strain that they can be lifted bodily instead of flowing along the channel, They suggest that the forces causing the movement are complex, and draw particular attention to the pull upwards in consequence of disturbances in the leaves.

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