What does successor mean?

successor meaning in General Dictionary

an individual who employs next trying

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  • an individual who inherits some subject or company
  • something or individual that instantly replaces some thing or somebody
  • One who succeeds or uses one that takes the place which another features remaining and sustains such component or character correlative to predecessor while the successor of a deceased master
  • person who succeeds or employs; one that takes the area which another has kept, and sustains the like part or character; -- correlative to predecessor; as, the successor of a dead king.

successor meaning in Law Dictionary

one that succeeds to the rights or perhaps the host to another: specially, the individual or people just who constitute a corporation following the demise or removal of those that preceded all of them as corporators. One that has been appointed or chosen to keep an office after the term regarding the current Incumbent.

successor meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"one just who employs," late 13c., from Anglo-French successor and Old French successour "successor, heir" (12c., Modern French successeur), from Latin successor "follower, successor," broker noun from previous participle stem of succedere "ahead after" (see succeed).

successor meaning in Business Dictionary

Just who takes over the responsibilities and/or liberties of another (the predecessor).

Sentence Examples with the word successor

During this time Louis had been negotiating continually with Pope John and with his successor Benedict XII.

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