What does subtract mean?

subtract meaning in General Dictionary

lose or away

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  • make a subtraction
  • To withdraw and take away as a part from entire to subtract as subtract 5 from 9 additionally the remainder is 4
  • To withdraw, or take away, as a part through the entire; to deduct; since, subtract 5 from 9, therefore the remainder is 4.

subtract meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1530s, "withdraw, withhold, eliminate, deduct," a back-formation from subtraction (q.v.), if not from Latin subtractus, previous participle of subtrahere "take away, draw down." Related: Subtracted; subtracting. Mathematical calculation feeling is from 1550s. Earlier in the day verb kind was subtraien (early 15c. into the mathematical feeling), which is straight through the Latin verb. Right here he teches

Sentence Examples with the word subtract

If by pre-heating the blast we add to the sum of the heat available; or if by drying it we subtract from the work to be done by that heat the quantity needed for decomposing the atmospheric moisture; or if by removing part of its nitrogen we lessen the mass over which the heat developed has to be spread - if by any of these means we raise the temperature developed by the combustion of the coke, it is clear that we increase the proportion of the total heat which is available for this critical work in exactly the way in which we should increase the proportion of the water of a stream, initially too in.

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