What does subdivision mean?

subdivision meaning in General Dictionary

an area made up of subdivided lots

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  • a division of some larger or maybe more complex company
  • a self-contained section of a more substantial composition (written or musical)
  • an area of a section; an integral part of a component; for example., part of anything currently split
  • the act of subdividing; unit of anything formerly divided
  • The act of subdividing or isolating a component into smaller components
  • The act of subdividing, or dividing a part into smaller components.
  • part of a thing created by subdividing.

subdivision meaning in Law Dictionary

lot that's divided into smaller plots.

subdivision meaning in Etymology Dictionary

early 15c., "process of dividing into smaller parts;" mid-15c., "portion of land that is split," noun of action from subdivide. Feeling of "plot of land damaged into lots for housing development" is from 1911.

subdivision meaning in Business Dictionary

A tract of land which was split into smaller pieces (known as lots), typically for the true purpose of constructing residences which will be offered independently.

Sentence Examples with the word subdivision

This it remained until the subdivision of the Frank monarchy among the sons of Clovis.

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