What does sticks mean?

sticks meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"rural spot," 1905, from sticks in slang sense of "trees" (compare backwoods). See stick (n.).

sticks meaning in Sports Dictionary

A foul tackle caused by one player's stick hitting another's rather than the ball or whenever a new player increases the stick above the neck whenever attempting to play the baseball, which can be in addition an infringement. (sport: Field Hockey)

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  • is made from wood, plastic, aluminium, graphite or a mixture of materials. The blade is curved but level on both sides. The stick mustn't surpass 1.14m in total or have a diameter in excess of 5cm. The utmost weight permitted is 510g. (recreation: Roller Hockey)
  • A colloquial term for a couple of golf clubs. (sport: Golf)

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Once you're an auction rat, it sticks with you.

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