What does station mean?

station meaning in General Dictionary

assign to a station

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  • correct or designated personal circumstance
  • (nautical) the location that a ship or fleet is assigned for task
  • the frequency assigned to a broadcasting station
  • the position in which somebody (as a guard or sentry) stands or is assigned to face
  • a center loaded with unique equipment and personnel for a certain purpose
  • The act of standing additionally attitude or pose in standing position
  • to position to set to appoint or assign on profession of a post place or workplace concerning station troops from the right of an army to section a sentinel on a rampart to section vessels on coast of Africa
  • The work of standing; also, mindset or pose in standing; pose.
  • a situation of standing or remainder; balance.
  • The spot or location where any such thing stands, specifically where people or thing habitually stands, or perhaps is appointed to stay for a time; as, the place of a sentinel.
  • a consistent stopping devote a stage roadway or course; a location in which railway trains regularly arrived at a stand, when it comes to capability of individuals, ingesting gasoline, moving freight, etc.
  • The head office of this police force of every precinct.
  • the area from which a guitar is planted, or observations are produced, as with surveying.
  • this place, or types of circumstance, for which a types normally takes place; a habitat.
  • a spot that boats may resort, and in which they may anchor properly.
  • a spot or area to which a government ship or fleet is assigned for task.
  • someplace calculated for the rendezvous of troops, and for the circulation of those; also, a spot well-adapted for offensive steps. Wilhelm (Mil. Dict.).
  • An enlargement in a shaft or galley, made use of as a landing, or moving spot, and for the accomodation of a pump, tank, etc.
  • Post assigned; office; the part or division of public responsibility which one is appointed to execute; world of task or profession; work.
  • circumstances; position; location.
  • State; ranking; problem of life; social status.
  • The fast regarding the 4th and sixth days of the few days, Wednesday and Friday, in memory associated with council which condemned Christ, and of his passion.
  • A church in which the procession for the clergy halts on claimed times to express reported prayers.
  • among the locations at which ecclesiastical processions pause for the overall performance of an act of commitment; previously, the tomb of a martyr, or some likewise consecrated spot; today, particularly, one of those representations associated with the consecutive phases of your Lord's passion which can be placed around the naves of big churches by the side of the method ultimately causing sacred edifices or shrines, and which are checked out in rotation, reported services being carried out at each and every; -- known as additionally facility of cross.
  • to put; to create; to appoint or assign on occupation of a post, spot, or workplace; as, to section troops in the right of an army; to station a sentinel on a rampart; to station vessels regarding the coasts of Africa.

station meaning in Law Dictionary

into the civil-law. A location where boats may drive safely. Dig. 50, 16. 59.

station meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"to designate a post or place to," 1748, from station (letter.). Relevant: Stationed; stationing.

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  • late 13c., "place which one ordinarily consumes," from Old French stacion, estacion "web site, place; section associated with the Cross; end, standstill," from Latin stationem (nominative statio) "a standing, standing firm; a post, task, position; military post; a wrist watch, guard, sentinel; anchorage, slot" (related to stare "to stand"), from PIE *ste-ti-, suffixed form of root *sta- "to stand" (see stet). Meaning "each of numerous holy places seen in succession by pilgrims" is from late 14c., like in facility of this Cross (1550s). Indicating "fixed consistent distance in surveying" is from 1570s. Sense of "condition, position" is from c.1600. Meaning "military post" in English is from c.1600. This is "place where folks are stationed for many special-purpose" (as in polling place) is first recorded 1823. Broadcast place is from 1912; station break, pause in broadcasting to offer the neighborhood station the opportunity to recognize itself, is from 1942. This is "regular preventing destination" is initially taped 1797, in mention of mentor tracks; placed on railroads 1830. Station-master is from 1836. Station truck into the car good sense is very first taped 1929, from previous use for a horse-drawn conveyance that took individuals to and from railway programs (1894). Station house "police station" is attested from 1836.

station meaning in Sports Dictionary

A shooter is allocated a section of a firing range to capture from. (recreation: Shooting - Rifle Shooting)

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  • utilized pursuit events the bikers to begin from. (recreation: Cycling)
  • defines the lane associated with the program allocated to each ship because they race. (recreation: Rowing)

station meaning in Business Dictionary

bodily location loaded with necessary tools and services for doing one or more functions.

station - French to English

docking station [for laptop computer]

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  • carwash

station - German to English

lifeguard station

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  • place
  • stop-off / over [also fig.]
  • ward [hospital]

Sentence Examples with the word station

In Havana, also, there is a school of painting and sculpture, a school of arts and trades, and a national library, all of which are supported or subventioned by the national government, as are also a public library in Matanzas, and the Agricultural Experiment Station at Santiago de las Vegas.

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