What does stamen mean?

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the male reproductive organ of a flower

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  • A thread specifically a warp bond
  • A thread; specially, a warp thread.
  • a man organ of plants for secreting and decorating the pollen or fecundating dirt. It is comprised of the anther and filament.

stamen meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"pollen-bearing organ of a flower," 1660s, from Modern Latin (1625, Spigelus), from Latin stamen "stamen" (Pliny), actually "foundation in weaving, bond of the warp" inside upright loom (about look "to stand"), from PIE *sta-men- (cognates: Greek stemon "warp," in addition utilized by Hesychius for a few section of a plant, Gothic stoma, Sanskrit sthaman "place," in addition "strength"), from root *sta- "to face" (see stet). The usual English plural is stamens because of the special use of the traditional plural, stamina.

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Similarly in the sporophylls of some cycads the bundles are endarch near the base and mesarch near the distal end of the stamen or carpel.

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