What does stagnant mean?

stagnant meaning in General Dictionary

not circulating or streaming

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  • not growing or changing; without power or vitality
  • That stagnates maybe not moving maybe not operating in an ongoing or vapor motionless hence impure or nasty from hope of movement as a stagnant pond or pond stagnant blood when you look at the veins
  • That stagnates; maybe not moving; not running in a current or steam; motionless; hence, impure or nasty from choose of movement; as, a stagnant pond or pond; stagnant blood within the veins.
  • maybe not active or quick; dull; since, business in stagnant.

stagnant meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1660s, from French stagnant (very early 17c.), from Latin stagnantem (nominative stagnans), current participle of stagnare "to stagnate" (see stagnate). Related: Stagnancy (1650s); stagnantly.

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Sentence Examples with the word stagnant

The streets as originally laid out were wide and spacious, but being unpaved and undrained they were no better than mud tracks diversified by piles of garbage and foul-smelling stagnant pools.

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