What does ss mean?

ss meaning in General Dictionary

the United States intelligence agency that safeguards current and former presidents and vice presidents and their particular immediate households and shields distinguished foreign visitors; detects and apprehends counterfeiters; suppresses forgery of federal government securities and documents

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  • special police in Nazi Germany founded as a personal bodyguard for Adolf Hitler in 1925; the SS administered the concentration camps

ss meaning in Chat Slang Dictionary

therefore sorry

ss meaning in Law Dictionary

n acronym used in that section of a record, pleading, or affidavit, labeled as the "statement associated with the venue." Commonly translated or look over, "to-wit," and said to be a contraction of "scilicet." Additionally in ecclesiastical papers, specially records of early councils, "ss" is employed as an abbreviation for subseripsi. Occasionally, in-law French, it represents sans, "without," e. ff., "faire feoffment ss son baron." Bend- loe, p. ISO.

Sentence Examples with the word ss

The charter of Elizabeth granted a three days' fair at e the feast of SS Simon and Jude (Oct.

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