What does spousal mean?

spousal meaning in General Dictionary

concerning a spouse

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  • of or relating to a marriage
  • Of or regarding a spouse or marriage nuptial matrimonial conjugal connubial bridal as spousal rites spousal ornaments
  • relationship nuptials espousal typically utilized in the plural because the spousals of Hippolita
  • Of or related to a partner or marriage; nuptial; matrimonial; conjugal; bridal; as, spousal rites; spousal ornaments.
  • relationship; nuptials; espousal; -- generally speaking utilized in the plural; as, the spousals of Hippolita.

spousal meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1510s, "pertaining to marriage," from spouse (n.) + -al (1).

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  • c.1300, "a wedding ceremony, activity of marrying; wedlock, condition of being espoused," from Anglo-French spousaille, Old French esposaille (see espousal). Earlier on was spousage "marriage, wedlock" (mid-14c.).

Sentence Examples with the word spousal

Successes were limited for the week with one found child, accidently trapped in a locked room of an empty house and one spousal abduction, in the face of a restraining order.

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