What does spook mean?

spook meaning in General Dictionary

frighten or scare, and sometimes provoke into a violent activity

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  • some one unpleasantly odd or eccentric
  • a mental representation of some haunting knowledge
  • A spirit a ghost an apparition a hobgoblin
  • A spirit; a ghost; an apparition; a hobgoblin.
  • The chimaera.

spook meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1801, "spectre, apparition, ghost," from Dutch spook, from center Dutch spooc "spook, ghost," from a standard Germanic source (German Spuk "ghost, apparition," center Low German spok "spook," Swedish spok "scarecrow," Norwegian spjok "ghost, specter," Danish sp

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  • 1867, "to walk or become a ghost," from spook (letter.). Indicating "to unnerve" is from 1935. Related: Spooked; spooking.

Sentence Examples with the word spook

Either they didn't want to spook him or they don't have any concrete evidence of specific crimes.

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