What does specular mean?

specular meaning in General Dictionary

effective at reflecting light like a mirror

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  • obtaining the attributes of a speculum or mirror having a smooth showing surface as a specular steel a specular surface
  • obtaining the characteristics of a speculum, or mirror; having a smooth, reflecting surface; since, a specular material; a specular surface.
  • Of or related to a speculum; carried out using a speculum; as, a specular examination.
  • helping sight, as a lens or perhaps the like.
  • Affording view.

specular meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1570s, "reflective" (like a mirror), from Latin specularis, from speculum "a mirror" (see speculum). Meaning "assisting in vision; affording a view" is from 1650s, from Latin speculari "to spy" (identify conjecture).

Sentence Examples with the word specular

In the Marquette district of Michigan (Lake Superior) schistose specular ore occurs in important deposits, associated with a jasper rock, in which the ore alternates with bands of red quartzite.

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