What does spank mean?

spank meaning in General Dictionary

give a spanking to; susceptible to a spanking

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  • a punch utilizing the flat associated with hand
  • To hit because the breech because of the available hand to slap
  • A blow using the open hand a slap
  • to go with a quick lively action between a trot and gallop to go rapidly
  • To hit, given that breech, using available hand; to slap.
  • A blow with the open hand; a slap.
  • to go with a fast, lively action between a trot and gallop; to move quickly.

spank meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1727, "to strike forcefully with all the available hand, specifically in the bottom," perhaps imitative for the sound of spanking. Associated: Spanked; spanking. The noun is from 1785.

Sentence Examples with the word spank

She acts like you should spank her and force her admit to doing something she considers really bad.

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