What does sojourn mean?

sojourn meaning in General Dictionary

a short-term stay (age.g., as a guest)

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  • invest a certain period of time; live temporarily
  • To dwell for a while to live or reside in a place as a temporary citizen or as a complete stranger perhaps not thinking about the destination as a permanent habitation to delay to tarry
  • a short-term residence as that a traveler in a foreign land
  • To dwell for some time; to dwell or are now living in somewhere as a temporary resident or as a stranger, not thinking about the spot as a permanent habitation; to wait; to tarry.
  • A temporary residence, as that of a traveler in a foreign land.

sojourn meaning in Etymology Dictionary

late 13c., "stay briefly, reside for some time; go to;" in addition "reside permanently, dwell;" from Old French sojorner "stay or live for a while," from Vulgar Latin *subdiurnare "to invest the day" (origin in addition of Italian soggiornare), from Latin sub- "under, until" (see sub-) + diurnare "to last long," from diurnus "of everyday," from diurnum "day" (see diurnal). Modern French s

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  • mid-13c., "temporary stay, see," from Anglo-French sojorn, variant of Old French sejorn, from sejorner "stay or live for a time" (see sojourn (v.)).

Sentence Examples with the word sojourn

During the early period of their sojourn in the pouch, the blind, naked, helpless young creatures (which in the great kangaroo scarcely exceed an inch in length) are attached by their mouths to the nipple of the mother, and are fed by milk injected into their stomach by the contraction of the muscle covering the mammary gland.

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