What does softness mean?

softness meaning in General Dictionary

poor physical condition; being regarding shape or regarding problem (as from a life of simplicity and deluxe)

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  • the grade of climate that's deliciously moderate and soothing
  • an audio home that's clear of loudness or stridency
  • a state of decreasing financial problem
  • the home of providing small opposition to force being quickly cut or molded
  • an aesthetic property that is subdued and free from brilliance or glare
  • acting in a fashion that is mild and mild and even-tempered
  • the caliber of becoming indistinct and without razor-sharp outlines
  • the characteristic of being effeminate (derogatory of a guy)
  • a personality to be lenient in judging others
  • the product quality or state of being soft opposed to stiffness and found in the different particular sensory faculties for the adjective
  • The quality or state of being soft; -- opposed to hardness, and found in the many certain senses of the adjective.

softness meaning in Etymology Dictionary

Old English softnes "ease, convenience; state of being soft to touch; deluxe;" see soft (adj.) + -ness. Indicating "weakness of character, effeminacy" is from c.1600.

Sentence Examples with the word softness

Such porcelains, however, lack the velvet-like softness and depth of tone so justly prized in the genuine monochrome, where the glaze itself contains the coloring matter, pte and glaze being tired simultaneously at the same high temperature.

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