What does skinner mean?

skinner meaning in General Dictionary

united states of america star (1858-1942)

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  • United States actress noted on her one-woman programs (1901-1979)
  • united states of america psychologist and a prominent proponent of behaviorism (1904-1990)
  • a person who makes or deals in animal skins
  • an employee who pushes mules
  • person who skins
  • One who skins.
  • a person who deals in skins, pelts, or hides.

skinner meaning in Etymology Dictionary

belated 14c., "a dealer in skins," from epidermis (n.); as "one who skins," 1690s, broker noun from skin (v.). The surname is attested from mid-13c. In addition in U.S. usage "one whom strips, robs, or plunders;" title fond of a band of marauders who committed depredations on Loyalists in nyc through the Revolution. Compare Old Norse skinnari "a dealer in skins; a skinner, tanner."

Sentence Examples with the word skinner

Commentaries on the Biblical passages especially Burney and Skinner on Kings, Meyer and A.

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