What does sir mean?

sir meaning in General Dictionary

a title utilized prior to the title of knight or baronet

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  • term of target for a guy
  • a person of personal expert and self-esteem a lord a master a gentleman within feeling frequently spelled sire
  • A man of personal expert and dignity; a lord; a master; a guy; -- in this feeling often spelled sire.
  • A title prefixed towards Christian name of a knight or a baronet.
  • An English rendering of this LAtin Dominus, the academicalu000du000a title of a bachelor of arts; -- previously colloquially, and sometimesu000du000a contemptuously, applied to the clergy.
  • A respectful name, used in dealing with a person, without having to be prefixed to his title; -- used especially in speaking-to elders or superiors; occasionally, in addition, utilized in the way in which of emphatic formality.

sir meaning in Etymology Dictionary

c.1300, subject of honor of a knight or baronet (until 17c. additionally a title of priests), variant of sire, originally made use of just in unstressed place. Generalized as a respectful kind of target by mid-14c.; used as a salutation at the beginning of letters from early 15c.

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Sentence Examples with the word sir

Along with Sir John Herschel and George Peacock he laboured to raise the standard of mathematical instruction in England, and especially endeavoured to supersede the Newtonian by the Leibnitzian notation in the infinitesimal calculus.

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