What does sinner mean?

sinner meaning in General Dictionary

an individual who sins (without repenting)

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  • a person who features sinned specially one that features sinned without repenting ergo a persistent and incorrigible transgressor one condemned by the law of Jesus
  • to do something as a sinner
  • a person who features sinned; particularly, person who has sinned without repenting; therefore, a persistent and incorrigible transgressor; one condemned by the law of God.
  • to behave as a sinner.

sinner meaning in Etymology Dictionary

mid-14c., representative noun from sin (v.). Old English had synngiend within sense.

Sentence Examples with the word sinner

His writings include: The Plain Doctrine of the Justification of a Sinner in the Sight of God (1659) and Antisynodalia Scripta Americana (1662).

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