What does shutter mean?

shutter meaning in General Dictionary

near with shutters

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  • a mechanical unit on a camera that opens and closes to regulate the time of a photographic publicity
  • a hinged blind for a window
  • a person who shuts or closes
  • a person who shuts or closes.
  • A movable address or display screen for a window, designed to close out the light, to obstruct the scene, or even be of some energy as a defense; a blind.
  • a detachable address, or a gate, for shutting an aperture of all kinds, as for shutting the passageway for molten iron from a ladle.

shutter meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1826, from shutter (letter.). Related: Shuttered; shuttering.

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  • 1540s, "one just who shuts" (see shut (v.)); meaning "movable wood or iron display for a window" is from 1680s. Photographic feeling of "device for orifice and shutting the aperture of a lens" is from 1862.

Sentence Examples with the word shutter

When there is no current the shutter covers the perforations and no light passes, but when a current traverses the wires they are depressed by electromagnetic action, carrying the shutter with them, and a quantity of light proportional to the current strength is admitted through the perforations.

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