What does sharp practice mean?

sharp practice meaning in Legal Dictionary

n. actions by an attorney using misleading statements to opposing advice or perhaps the courtroom, denial of dental stipulations (agreements between lawyers) formerly made, threats, poor utilization of procedure or tricky and/or dishonorable means scarcely in the law. A regular design of razor-sharp rehearse can lead to control by the state bar relationship or because of the process of law.

sharp practice meaning in Law Dictionary

behaviour that is scarcely not as much as fraudulence. It can be a cunningness, misrepresentation or a trick.

sharp practice meaning in Business Dictionary

Cunningness, deceit, misrepresentation, trickery, as well as other unscrupulous behavior just in short supply of the appropriate definition of fraud.

Sentence Examples with the word sharp practice

One of his specially noteworthy performances was the settlement of the terms of peace after the defeat of the league of Schmalkalden at Miihlberg in 1547, a settlement in which, to say the least, some particularly sharp practice was exhibited.

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