What does shareholder mean?

shareholder meaning in General Dictionary

a person who holds stocks of stock in a corporation

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  • One who holds or owns a share or stocks in a joint investment or residential property
  • one that holds or is the owner of a share or stocks in a joint investment or property.

shareholder meaning in Legal Dictionary

n. the owner of one or more stocks of stock in a corporation, commonly also known as a "stockholder." The many benefits of becoming a shareholder include getting dividends for every share as based on the board of administrators, the right to vote (excluding certain preferred stocks) for people in the board of administrators, to carry a derivative action (suit) in the event that firm is defectively managed, and be involved in the unit of worth of possessions upon dissolution and winding up of the corporation, if there is any price. A shareholder must have his/her title registered utilizing the firm, but may hold a stock certification that has been finalized over to him/her. Before registration the newest shareholder is almost certainly not capable cast ballots represented because of the stocks.

shareholder meaning in Finance Dictionary

the master of stocks in an organization.

shareholder meaning in Law Dictionary

into the rigid feeling of the word, a "shareholder" is an individual who has actually decided to become a member of a corporation or company, and with value to whom all the required formalities are undergone ; e.

shareholder meaning in Etymology Dictionary

c.1830, from share (n.1) when you look at the monetary sense + representative noun from hold (v.).

shareholder meaning in Business Dictionary

An individual, team, or company that is the owner of a number of stocks in an organization, as well as in whose title the share certificate is given. It really is legal for an organization to possess only one shareholder. Also called (when you look at the US) stockholder.

Sentence Examples with the word shareholder

They may dispense with the disqualification of a parish or district councillor arising only by reason of his being a shareholder in a water company or similar company contracting with the council, and, as has above been stated, they have large powers of altering the boundaries of parishes.

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