What does seven mean?

seven meaning in General Dictionary

becoming yet another than six

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  • the cardinal quantity that's the amount of six and something
  • certainly one of four playing cards in a deck with seven pips regarding face
  • an additional than six six and one added as 7 days make seven days
  • the amount better by one than six seven devices or items
  • Another than six; six and something added; as, a week make seven days.
  • the quantity greater by one than six; seven products or items.
  • symbolic representing seven products, as 7, or vii.

seven meaning in Etymology Dictionary

Old English seofon, from Proto-Germanic *sebun (cognates: Old Saxon sibun, Old Norse sjau, Swedish sju, Danish syv, Old Frisian sowen, siugun, center Dutch seven, Dutch zeven, Old tall German sibun, German sieben, Gothic sibun), from PIE *septm "seven" (cognates: Sanskrit sapta, Avestan hapta, Hittite shipta, Greek hepta, Latin septem, Old Church Slavonic sedmi, Lithuanian septyni, Old Irish secht, Welsh saith). Very long seen as many excellence (seven miracles; seven sleepers, the second translating Latin septem dormientes; seven against Thebes, etc.), but that thought is belated in Old English plus German an awful, problematic woman might be eine b

Sentence Examples with the word seven

The summer you two came up here, I had a major crush on my handsome California cousin but you were seven years older than me and didn't know I existed.

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