What does serval mean?

serval meaning in General Dictionary

slender long-legged African wildcat having large untufted ears and tawny black-spotted coating

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  • An African wild pet Felis serval of modest size called additionally serval pet This has instead lengthy feet and a tail of reasonable length Its shade is tawny with black spots from the human anatomy and bands of black colored regarding tail
  • An African crazy pet (Felis serval) of moderate size. It has rather long legs and an end of moderate length. Its color is tawny, with black spots regarding the human anatomy and bands of black colored in the tail.

serval meaning in Etymology Dictionary

African crazy pet, 1771, from Modern Latin serval, French serval (Buffon, 1765), from Portuguese (lobo) cerval "lynx," from Latin lupus cervarius (supply of French loup cervier) "lynx," literally "wolf that hunts the stag," from cervarius "pertaining to a stag," from cervus "stag," from PIE *ker-wo- "having horns," suffixed as a type of root *ker- (1) "horn, mind" (see horn (n.)).

serval - German to English

serval [Leptailurus serval]

Sentence Examples with the word serval

Messrs Nicolls and Eglington, joint authors of The Sportsman in South Africa, state that the serval is fairly common in South Central Africa, frequenting the thick bush near rivers, and preying on the smaller antelopes, guinea-fowls and francolins.

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