What does secondary mean?

secondary meaning in General Dictionary

substandard in ranking or condition

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  • based or incidental as to what is original or main
  • not of major importance
  • becoming of second position or significance or price; maybe not direct or immediate
  • owned by a lesser course or ranking
  • the defensive baseball players which line-up behind the linemen
  • coil such that present is caused in it by-passing an ongoing through main coil
  • Succeeding after that being initial of second location beginning ranking etc not major subordinate perhaps not regarding the first order or rate
  • one that occupies a subordinate inferior or additional location a delegate or deputy one who is 2nd or next to the chief officer once the secondary or undersheriff associated with town of London
  • Suceeding after that being initial; of 2nd destination, source, ranking, ranking, etc.; maybe not primary; subordinate; not of the first order or price.
  • performing by deputation or delegated expert; since, the work of additional fingers.
  • Possessing some high quality, or having already been at the mercy of some procedure (as replacement), when you look at the second-degree; since, a second sodium, another amine, etc. Cf. main.
  • Subsequent in source; -- stated of nutrients from alteertion or deposition after the forming of the first rocks mass; additionally of figures of minerals (as secondary cleavage, etc.) produced by stress or other causes.
  • with respect to the second joint of the wing of a bird.
  • Dependent or consequent upon another illness; as, Vibrant's condition is generally additional to scarlet fever. (b) Occuring in the next phase of an ailment; because, the additional outward indications of syphilis.
  • a person who occupies a subordinate, inferior, or auxiliary place; a delegate deputy; one that is second or beside the main officer; since, the secondary, or undersheriff of this city of London.
  • A secondary circle.
  • A satellite.
  • A secondary quill.

secondary meaning in Law Dictionary

placed after the very first term worth focusing on. Its second behind the initial.

secondary meaning in Etymology Dictionary

late 14c., from Latin secundarius "pertaining towards the second class, substandard," from secundus (see second (adj.)). Of colors, from 1831; of education, from 1809. Of sex qualities from 1780. Against main or main. Associated: Secondarily.

secondary meaning in Business Dictionary

rated second in terms of value. See also tertiary, major, additional business.

secondary meaning in Computer Science Dictionary

generally speaking, additional is the second in an order. For example, with some type of computer another storage product is a difficult drive. All programs operate from the major storage (memory), and the information is kept in the secondary storage.

Sentence Examples with the word secondary

The top and bottom rows of the xylem rays are often developed as irregularly-thickened radially-elongated tracheids which serve for the radial conduction of water, and communicate with the ordinary tracheids of the secondary xylem by large bordered pits.

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